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Best WordPress Resources for Web Designers

There can be little doubting the effectiveness of WordPress when it comes to the world of web design as this program has just made things so much easier compared to sitting and working through HTML and CSS. However, even with WordPress, there is a major problem, but it is a problem that is nice to have as it is all linked to the fact that there are so many resources and options out there for the web designer to make full use of.

That being said, the following resources should certainly prove to be rather useful to any web designer that is looking at using this program.

1. Couponcodehoster.org

Web designers take note: bookmarking this site will save you hundreds, maybe even thousands in the long term. You can find all the coupon codes a web designer will need, from hosting to domain names to stock photography to wordpress theme sites. They also have top recommendations and notifications for 24-hour hosting flash sales. You should also check out CouponLynx’s website for even more hosting deals.… Read the rest