Video & Multimedia Elements for Medical Websites

We offer video and multimedia elements incorporated into our medical website designs. We are authorized and experienced resellers of the popular Viewmedica(tm) line of medical animations, and we also develop
custom medical multimedia.

Engage and Inform Your Website Visitors With Medical Video and Multimedia

Studies show that medical websites with either educational content or multimedia content cause website visitors to be more engaged and remain longer on a website. What does that mean for your practice? An engaged and informed visitor to your website is far more likely to perceive your services as trustworthy and competent. You are therefore more likely to convert that casual visitor into a patient.

The following medical animation is part of ViewMedica’s offerings. We implement ViewMedica animations as an option in our web design packages.

Medical Video and Multimedia Makes Your Site the Destination Site

Informative medical content elevates your site to more than a business card. Content helps your site rank higher: Search engines love original, informative content. Sites with high-value content garner more interest from other websites and search engines, and as a result, search engines will reward your site with higher rankings. (For more on the nuts and bolts of search engine rankings visit our page on medical seo).

Furthermore, original, informative content makes your site a destination for patients. In the world of medical marketing, the information-rich sites consistently garner higher volumes of visitors, and convert those visitors into higher numbers of patients.

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