Analytics + Conversions

How we convert casual visitors into customers.

Analytics & Conversions

Analytics is the process of measuring, reporting, and analyzing incoming web traffic. We put the power of website analytics in your hands (or, we can handle it for you).

Google Analytics


The screenshot to the left show a Google Analytics page. Google Analytics is the industry-leading analytics tool, and integrates seamlessly with Adwords; we install Google Analytics on every site we build.

Google Analytics lets designers and SEO professionals (and their clients) analyze such factors as the referring sources of traffic (i.e. Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc.), as well as which keywords and keyphrases generated the traffic. Then, a high-performing keyword can be highlighted and harnessed for further traffic and conversions.

One can also analyze the rate at which users exit the site and even the pages from which they exit the most. Analytics is a power SEO tool, and will help you in the development of your business.

We implement Google Analytics in our web installations, and utilize it to achieve further website optimization.

Conversions and Conversion Tracking

A conversion is the process of converting a website visitor into a patient. We maximize conversions through design,  testing, and optimization.

A conversion, in web marketing parlance, occurs when a casual website visitor becomes a customer dialing the phone number of you practice to make an appointment.

Conversion analysis looks to what percentage of visitors become customers. SEO brings the visitors, and the website design triggers conversions. Conversion is a cornerstone of what we do.

We implement conversion tracking features so that you can know, at a glance, where customers are entering your site, what keywords they are using to enter your site, and what pages they visit when they are there. When website visitors exit your website, our conversion tracking tells you how long they were there, and the exit page (the last page they visited). If a page results in too many exiting visitors, our analytics and conversion tracking
tells us, and we can address the content on the page to reduce exits.

Our websites are inviting and engaging. Our navigation structure is simple and effective-which keeps visitors on your site, and clicking on new pages, until they pick up the phone and make a call.

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