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Plastic Surgery TestimonialPraise from an Experienced Plastic Surgeon: “Our Success Exceeded Our Expectations”

“I entrust the marketing of my multi-office Plastic Surgery practice exclusively to Michael at TastyPlacement/Medical Website Design Pros: we’ve done a website design, pay per click internet ads, SEO, lead management, and email marketing. Before TastyPlacement, we had lukewarm success with a few other internet marketing firms. In the first year working with Michael, we have increased our revenues tremendously and now enjoy a steady stream of qualified patients through internet marketing. The owner, Michael, even suggested at his own initiative the development of an email marketing campaign that has brought us unanticipated but welcome additional business. Our success exceeded our expectations. If you are a surgeon considering internet marketing, I recommend TastyPlacement/”

Dr. Larry Schlesinger
Bd. Certified in Plastic Surgery
Hawaii Medical Association Physician of the Year 2000-2001

We create beautiful and effective website designs for medical practices that focus on Cosmetic Surgery & Plastic Surgery. When it comes to capturing interest for elective procedures, the superior website beats out the competition every time. We can increase both patient interest and patient website conversions.

SEO for Plastic Surgery: Measurable Results

Plastic Surgery SEO Case Study:

We undertook the development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Hawaii Plastic Surgery Center,, in the summer of 2009. Within 5 weeks of launch, we delivered highly competitive search engine rankings for a wide family of competitive terms related to plastic surgery and plastic surgeons.

The following screenshot (taken 9/9/09) reveals the obviously powerful effect of our website development and redesign, coupled with our SEO efforts:

Plastic Surgery SEO

In the preceeding image, note the multiple placement where MauiBody is represented in a typical search phrase: Google Adwords (we are Google-Certified Adwords Professionals), Google Local Map, and Google natural results.

Cosmetic Surgery Web Design Coupled With SEO Power

We understand the needs of cosmetic surgery practices. The field is competitive, and cosmetic surgery procedures are generally not covered by health insurance programs and government-supplied health benefits.

Plastic Surgery Website Design

Thus, a plastic surgery practice needs to serve an informative function as well as an advertising function. That’s where SEO expertise comes into play. A search engine optimized website (coupled with an inviting and informative design) draws customers that are searching for your services every day.

SEO is fully integrated into our website designs. Perhaps you have found us through a Google search. If you did, you are proof that SEO can bring customers.

Want to see how our customers rank? Visit our SEO Ranking Case Studies.

SEO For Cosmetic Surgery Practices – From Start to Finish

We begin with an SEO-ready design. Search engines look for certain elements to be present, and web sites must meet validation tests (the underlying code must be free of errors and meet current coding standards). Repeated testing has shown that validated websites rank faster, rank higher, and maintain high ranking positions for longer.

Our coding standards are always up to the task of service as a solid foundation for search engine rankings. We do all this while maintaining the highest standards of beauty in website design. We analyze the words that your customers are searching for, and then we craft a keyword-rich website that ranks extremely well in Google and other search engines and captures the tremendous volume of patients seeking information and care through the web.

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