Potent SEO for Orthodontists

SEO for Orthodontists

Serious SEO that brings orthodontic patients to YOU

Is your present marketing program bringing patients in serious numbers to your orthodontic practice?

What if you could have almost 25,000 visits to your orthodontic practice website in a year? (See the screenshot to the right). That amount of web traffic can translate into almost 100 orthodontic patients in a year–and that’s just what we did for one of our orthodontist clients.

Where search marketing eclipses other marketing philosophies is that it captures patients that are specifically inquiring about your services (through a search engine query) at the very moment they are looking for your service (precisely when they make a query).

The practices with the high growth in every major market are those that have harnessed the power of search marketing and social media–and that’s the landscape for the foreseeable future.



SEO for Orthodontists: we’ve done it before, and we can do it for you

Praise from an Invisalign Premiere Provider: “we did amazingly well”

“We did amazing well with our internet campaign. Michael and his small team work quickly and wisely and easily tripled the amount of traffic to our website. Our inbound patient inquiries rose quickly after they began work and represented higher quality patients. Overall, our campaign was a success and I recommend TastyPlacement/MedicalWebsiteDesignPros.com”

Dr. Gene S.
Orthodontist & Invisalign Premiere Provider

We don’t want to reinvent the success we’ve had with orthodontic practices in the Austin, TX area and elsewhere–we simply want to repeat it. We’ve got a tried and tested system for comprehensive web marketing that covers all the important bases: Google and the other search engines, local map listings (very important these days), social media marketing, and pay per click. This combination of web channels can bring unparalleled savings and effectiveness to your marketing campaign.

To learn more about the clients we’ve helped, how well they have done, and how we can help you win on the internet please call us at 512-535-2492.

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