Potent SEO for Medical Practices

Medical SEO ScreenshotAn effective web presence is absolutely imperative. Without SEO, new customers can’t find your website, and you’re competitors will grab all the leads that could have come to you. We get you high page rankings so that customers searching for your services find you quickly and easily.

On top of superior performance our world-class, professional designs give you the power to make a lasting impression with visitors. Pictured above is the full-featured, highly effective site we built for the American Institute for Plastic Surgery in Plano and Dallas. A modern medical practice demands a website that is searchable, indexed, and findable by the thousands of potential patients that search for medical practitioners online in any metropolitan area every day. Medical SEO answers that call. A professional and well-designed website can increase sales and expose you to thousands of new clients.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Medical Websites

SEO is the factor takes a website design and propels it to a powerful marketing device. SEO is our core focus, and our core competency. In our design cycle we generally spend from between 55 to 60% of our efforts on SEO.

Contact us for a demonstration of results we have achieved in your industry and in others.

About Our Website Design Philosophy

In order to expand your patient base, you need more than a “business card” website. You need a professional, SEO-driven medical website design. We offer customized medical website design to medical groups, general practice physicians, cosmetic surgeons, dentists, LASIK, etc.

Our ultimate goal is to bring you patients, and that goal colors everything we do at Medical Website Design Pros.

Google Adwords for Medical Web Sites

logo_qualified_ind_80Our project manager is a Google Adwords Qualified Professional, and implements all of our Google Adwords programs. Adwords Qualified Professional status is granted by Google Inc. following a certification, training and testing program.

The Google Adwords program presents a unique marketing opportunity for physicians and medical practices. Our experience has repeatedly shown that Google Adwords programs greatly increase advertising effectiveness and decrease advertising expenses.

To speak with a Google-certified Adwords professional about building or improving you Adwords campaign, call 512-535-2492.

Medical Website Design: Orthopedic, Dermatology, Cosmetic Surgery

We create stunning and effective website designs in the following practice specialties: Orthopedic (Orthopaedic), Dermatology, Cardiology, Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, and more.

These specialties present a unique and rewarding opportunity to harness internet customers. Our research has shown that patients in these categories (Orthopedic, Dermatology, and Cosmetic) are most likely to use internet searches to find a practitioner.

As such, practitioners in these disciplines can reap tremendous rewards from an active SEO program. However, those are not our only specialties. We provide design services to a wide range of medical practices.


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